Our Vision

Our primary goal with TradesHire is to change the way technology helps connect service provider and customer. With customers we give them the choice of hiring an individual (versus a company where you don’t know who you are going to get). With Freelancers, we give them the opportunity to fill their often unpredictable schedules.


Customer Side

  • Post a job for bidding
  • Search for skilled labour
  • Chat with provider to discuss costs
  • Securly pay with credit card
  • See a history of all paid invoices
  • Rate & review to ensure high quality

Tradesperson Side

  • Bid on jobs in your area
  • Set your own hourly rates
  • Design a profile to attract customers
  • Send invoices and get paid via direct deposit
  • See a history of all completed jobs
  • Rate & review customer

Get In Touch


EmailĀ info@tradeshire.ca